Cubbies SA

A Cubby is specially selected by you, based on the characteristic of your child. We then customise these hand made teddies with an embroidered name to match. Every authentic Cubby becomes uniquely theirs, with its own personality, individuality and truly magical character.

Cubbies have removable stuffing pods making them machine washable, so they can be easily cleaned after every adventure. Each Cubby has embroidered eyes and mouth, is fully tested and certified and approved for all ages.

To order your very own personalised Cubby, send me an email/whatsapp with the name of your Cubby and the details you’d like embroidered on. Please include the name, date of birth, weight, time of birth and length of your little one. Email / whatsapp 072 239 8826.

Here is the range of Cubbies currently available in SA, more stock to come.